I promised myself I wouldn't freak out

and I'm freaking out. About my class reunion coming up in 3 weeks!

I've never in my life considered driving instead of flying because I'm uncomfortable in the seats of a plane but I'm at that point. How can I possibly feel good about myself at the reunion when that is something to even have to consider? I remember when I lost 100 pounds how great it felt to feel tiny on the plane and not have to worry about it. I can't believe I let this happen again...and I'm bigger than ever.

I normally have a ton of confidence and a great self esteem because I consider myself an awesome person but this weight is eating away at it. More than I thought. What the hell am I even going to wear??

I was also scanning the pictures of the 10 year reunion which I did not attend and hoping that I won't be the fattest person there. Once again, normally something I don't care about.

I have to get back into attitude adjustment mode again and just exercise as much as I can until that point. Even if I don't lose a pound at least I will feel good.

UGH! (or BLERG as Tina Fey would say!)

Oh and Happy New Year to my Jewish friends.