Monday Motivation

Well I weighed in this morning after a really good week and was disappointed to be up a pound. I worked my butt off! It's my TOM so I'm going to blame it on that and move on. Next Monday will hopefully show a loss.

Successes from last week include:
1. 90 minutes of exercise on Friday night after never having stepped foot in a gym on a Friday night. (People actually exercise on Friday night instead of going to happy hour!)
2. Choosing a cereal bar and water as opposed to stopping at McDonalds on our way out of town.
3. Drinking more water than ever.
4. Not buying a single item of junk food at the grocery store.
5. Planning every meal and staying within my points.

I'm planning an even better week this week since there will be no anniversary dinner or trip to moms to throw me off. These WW activity points are great motivation to exercise plus, after 2 weeks back at the gym I feel a million times better. To me that's worth it even if I don't lose a pound.

I now love the water aerobics class on Fridays at the gym and that will be a part of my regular routine. The instructor was one I've never had before and she kicked my ass! She has you think about the muscles you are working for each exercise and while it sounds silly, concentrating on them while working them makes you really work harder. I was sore in all the good spots so I know I got a good workout. Not only did I do an hour of the class, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical as well. I was so proud!

I've joined the Biggest Loser Challenge over at Lauren's blog. I'll be updating here every Monday as well as on her blog. I would love to do well in this before the holidays are here. It has always been a downward spiral from Halloween to New Years for us sugar addicts.

I hope everyone out there has a great week and thanks to y'all once again for the support, inspiration, and motivation!