My bubble

First of all let me thank you all for your kind words. It's hard to believe anyone even cares about my blog! I started out just doing this to just be accountable to myself but now I've found tons of inspiration from people just like me.

Before I met my husband I had a live in boyfriend who was a cop. Now it's not like me to ever want to date a cop and he wasn't a cop when we met but in order to fulfill his dream of working for the FBI or other government agencies he had to be a beat cop first. He was very "broken" for many reasons and was honestly one of the least happy people on the planet. I'm the exact opposite. I always look on the bright side of everything. My glass is always half full...well half full of Pinot Noir anyway ; )

On our last vacation to Florida I wanted to go see the sunset one evening. He was bitching the whole walk down to the beach about why I wanted to see the sunset when it was cloudy out. I explained that the best sunsets occur when the clouds break just before the sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. He grumbled some more and I said "why do you always burst my bubble?" his reply "why do you always have to have a bubble?" That was pretty much where it ended.

After that was over and I met my husband I told him the story and one day he gave me a card that simply said "your bubble is safe with me".

The reason I was reminded of all of this today is because I've been filling my husband with all sorts of positive thoughts of his dad in order to help him through his pain. I lost my father suddenly in 1990 and the feelings are still very fresh in my mind. I know what helped and what was annoying. I had to make sure this morning that my bubble was not starting to annoy him. His response was that it was what he still loved most about me. I hope I can help him get through this.

He's doing much better today and is going into work this morning to help train a temp to take over for him while he goes to Scotland. I take him to the airport tomorrow morning and he won't be back until Tuesday. It's going to be the first time I've been alone overnight in our house but I have my dogs who will take great care of me. I am going to do all sorts of things like organize my recipes, do a mud mask, and finally watch the Sex and the City movie. I'm wild and crazy in my old age : )