She's crafty

I did something very that girl last night and I'm really proud of myself. I made Halloween bandannas for my dogs, neighborhood pals, and the dogs (and one rabbit) of my co-workers. I can't wait to put them on them tonight and take a picture. I'll make sure to post it tomorrow if I can get them to sit still. They've been nuts since their daddy arrived home.

Of course since I've been feeling better I overdid it on the ankles and am hurting a bit this afternoon. It's only because I went shopping at lunch so it's not like I can use exercise as an excuse. It's amazing how long sprains take to heal. I'm totally over it.

Not much going on today other than looking forward to my "stories" on NBC tonight. I love calling them that since that's what my grandmother called her soaps. I missed 30 Rock!

gosh, boring day = boring post. Dog pictures tomorrow will be much more exciting!