Not traveling after all

My trip was postponed to Monday which is a bummer because now I'm chained to my desk all day!

I didn't end up going to the gym last night because there must have been a football game at Georgia Tech and every exit close to there was backed up for miles. I did go on a lovely walk in the dark with my husband and dogs. Only one ankle hurt a bit on the uneven sidewalk and the hilly parts of the walk but I pushed through it and it still feels okay.

I discovered some new shoes that may be life changing. I have the worst time with blisters and I think it's from my feet getting too hot. I've experimented with every sock on the planet with no luck but I always notice my feet are burning hot after a walk or even an elliptical workout. I've always been a New Balance girl but thought I'd try the new Adidas ClimaCool which are made to breathe more. So far they are amazing! If they keep working so well I may not have to duct tape my feet for the 3-Day!

Now I have to think of something for dinner that's both healthy and fun for a Friday night. We usually eat wings but we're both feeling so great from a healthy week we aren't going to ruin it. Maybe I will find something at Trader Joes that's inspiring.

I packed my gym bag for whatever tonight. I think I will go to the gym and do an hour of cardio instead of going to water aerobics. It's going to be 25 degrees here tonight so I'd much rather sweat. If I'm feeling motivated I'll put my suit on and stretch out in the therapy pool.

Saturday we will clean and grocery shop, Sunday we will take the dogs on a big walk in Stone Mountain. I also have to make my famous pumpkin gingerbread trifle for my husbands Thanksgiving lunch at work. I'm looking forward to some time away from the office this weekend and next week. The economy has my boss all stressed out and therefore I am too. Maybe that's why I'm craving exercise right now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!