Still the same but different

I woke up this morning thinking it was all a dream. Probably because I went to bed in a food/champagne coma. I can't believe I used election day as an excuse to eat and drink like a crazy person but it's over now and today is a new day. A really great new day.

I cried for an hour last night after John Stewart told me the news. I think I cried mostly because I couldn't believe the amount of pride I felt for the first time in my adult life. I felt like even though my state was red, stayed red, and probably will always be red, that my voice was heard. At least my county was blue. Watching the coverage from Ebeneezer Baptist church (which is not far from my house) made me want to run down there and join in. Some of the people there nearly gave their lives for this day and were celebrating the memories of those who did make the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm not expecting miracles. There's a really long road ahead but I feel like we proved everyone else in the world wrong. America has evolved. We are not racist rednecks but an incredible country full of all different kinds of people who can work together when things get bad.

I'm so proud of America for standing up, coming out to vote and taking our country back. It's proof that we matter.