I love what Dr. Oz says about the ups and downs of a weight loss journey. He says to think of a navigation system. It doesn't scream at you, quit or keep you going in the wrong direction when you make a wrong a turn. It simply tells you to make the first available u-turn.

I think my biggest problem has been taking the rest of the week off when I mess up and "starting over again on Monday". Ahhh maybe that's why I've hated Mondays most of my life? Same with New Years Eve?

Last night was chaos. I worked super late so I missed my class. Then we had a pizza. 2 slices of thin crust. But I didn't let it throw me off. I got up this morning, worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes and I'm eating well again today.

I'm not going to blow it this time. I'm not going to sabotage my success by waiting until Monday to get back on track time I eat something unhealthy. I'm going to make the first available u-turn and stay the course.

I've been reading The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl and she never gave up. Even after days, weeks, or even months of bad eating. She always got back on track. Talk about inspiration!