Blah Blob Blog

Well I'm not as blah anymore since that title just made me think of Bob Loblaw on Arrested Development. Hilarious!

I have been SO off track this week. It's been as cold as I can ever remember it being in the ATL. Even my Scottish husband is freezing. The dogs don't even want to go out! It's supposed to be nice this weekend and I think that's just what I need to get back on track. Some fresh air and sunshine usually makes me want to exercise.

I had to lay off an employee yesterday which is the suckiest thing in the world for a non-confrontational person like me. My stomach hurt as much as it would if I was the one getting laid off. I just hope things start to change soon. It seems to get worse everyday. My company is not in jeopardy but we're having to trim up a little just to stay flat for now and hopefully wait this out. My heart goes out to everyone who is losing their jobs. Especially those who are innocent victims of corporate greed.

I have a weekend of debauchery ahead with 2 big dinners so I must get some energy back to exercise. I've missed it this week and now we're planning a trip to Scotland in May so I must get some of this weight off before we go. Not only to look better but to be able to walk around as much as we do. Last time I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

On a happy note to end this post, I'm going to take advantage of the weekend of good weather ahead and start to build my raised planting beds. I would really like to be able to grow my own salad ingredients now that I own a house with a big yard. I've never been good at growing things but I think if I do enough research into the preparation of the soil etc, I can do it!

Hope everyone is having a good week!