My first meeting

Thanks for all the well wishes for my first Weight Watchers meeting! It went really well! Thanks to all the reading I've done about it through other blogs, I wasn't even that nervous. I really liked the leader and I think the program will be really good for me. It's just about the only thing I haven't tried. I weighed in at 259.2 pounds with clothes on so I've maintained my loss from the past month which really is amazing considering how I've been eating. That's all done now and I'm armed with my commitment to the meetings and my e-tools on the WW site.

I have 4 weeks until I go to Chicago (OPRAH!!) and I would like to have lost 10 lbs. by then. 13 is my first WW goal which is 5% of my weight.The email I got from the show said to wear something colorful. I would probably feel more comfortable doing that 10 pounds from now. I'll have to buy my outfit at the last minute! From that I will have to figure out my my next goal for our trip to Scotland in June. I'm sure I'll be feeling even better by then!

Now I should probably log some points and get some work done!