Back to earth

I can't believe it but it actually feels good to be back to the routine today!

My trip was amazing and Oprah was better than I ever imagined. Michael J Fox and Dr. Oz were the guests so we got really lucky. It airs on the 31st of March and I highly recommend it! Oprah is everything you would imagine. Gorgeous, nice, larger than life. It feels good to have accomplished something I've wanted to do most of my life!

I finally feel well enough to stop eating white carbs and I have no other trips planned until April. The weather is gorgeous so I plan on a solid week of eating well and exercising to keep myself on track. I really didn't overdo it in Chicago but I know I will gain some since my last weigh in was post-flu.

Just the small bit I've lost so far has helped me so much. I felt more comfortable on the plane (even in the middle seat on the way back) and I feel more flexible and energetic. I walked around the city in boots with heels in the jeans that were uncomfortably tight on my birthday but are now a little too loose. Also, my sweet husband has hit the 15 pound mark and we're using this momentum to keep going and to kick the exercise up a little more.

Have a great week everyone!!!