proud of who? me?

I had a physical this morning that I had been dreading for months. I love my doctor but I get so nervous that my blood pressure is usually high as well as my heart rate etc. Then the have to re-do it because it's high and that makes me more nervous etc. This morning I was totally cool. Maybe it was because I wasn't allowed to have anything to eat or drink including coffee. Maybe it was because I'm feeling more confident. Regardless, she gave me her usual diagnosis of "ridiculously healthy" and then she said she was PROUD OF ME for losing 14lbs!!! I wonder if she even knows how much that meant to me. Hopefully my blood work will all come back great and I'll be good for another year. Maybe by that time she won't recognize me.

I have to admit I've lost my mojo a little this week. It's been crazy busy and I've been working in the yard every night instead of exercising. I can't let this continue and must get back in the gym after my trip this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!