How much did she lose this week?


That was of course expected after my 7 pounds in 7 days. I'm thrilled that has stayed off!

I really need to get back in the gym tonight but I got 5 hours sleep due to my concert last night. It's going to be tough to drag myself there but I wore my workout clothes to work as extra motivation. My ankle is killing me from standing for 5 hours but it was worth it. One thing that's great about being obsessed with being at the front of the stage is that there was no opportunity to go to the bar. My friend was kind enough to get some water through the crowd to my sister and I who were up there dancing like fools. It was great fun and I'm sure I burned some good calories...I was tempted to wear my heart rate monitor but that's just a little over the top ;)

Time to work toward that next goal of 10%. Bring it on!!