Back at Weight Watchers

+2 pounds. I can't say I'm too upset after not having been for a month. Next week will be a loss although I'm going to have to do some creative scheduling since I'll be out of town for work the middle of next week. I'll have to decide whether to weigh in before I go or when I get back. Luckily I'm traveling with my 90 pound co-worker who is the healthiest eater I know and also one of my strongest supporters!

Thank you all for your suggestions yesterday on my schedule. I suppose I should have clarified how much my husband does because he deserves some serious props. Not only does he run the dogs twice a day for 30 minutes, he feeds them, empties the dishwasher, does the laundry, starts dinner, mows the grass, waters the garden and so on. I don't want anyone to get the idea that I married someone who doesn't do anything because I would rather be single if that were the case! :) I'm going to start getting up 30 minutes earlier to do some abs and resistance training in the morning and focus on getting my cardio after work.

Speaking of cardio, I did 45 minutes on the treadmill last night for the first time in a very long time. About 15 minutes of that was running and I burned 340 calories. I'm trying at least 300 every workout and alternating treadmill and elliptical each night. So far so good!

This week is going by fast thankfully! Hope you are all doing great!