Bring it on

I finally feel a little refreshed and revived after a 3 day weekend and tons of fun with my family and friends.

This is the garden we built in honor of my mom's 60th birthday. My sister and I bought the pig and the sunflower from a local couple who do gorgeous scrap metal art. My mom is a big folk art fan and we thought it would be fun for her to have some for her yard to remind her of all of us :). All 7 of us kids made stepping stones with messages on them to lead up the hill to the garden. It turned out SO nice and she was so happy with it. It was a lot of work but I think seeing us all working together on it was the best part of it for my mom. That is my sister in law and my little nephew in the picture.

I was depressed when I woke up yesterday and realized it was already Sunday but then told myself that It's up to me to face the week ahead with a good attitude. It's a challenging time right now but I can't let that continue to control my life. I started out by preparing a ton of good food for the week so at least I know what's for dinner every night. I have a ton of vegetables that I bought on the way home from the mountains. For $3.59 I got a huge cabbage, 2 sweet potatoes, and 2 meals worth of zucchini and yellow squash. Everything is washed and ready to go. The cooking instructions are on the fridge and HIGHLIGHTED so my husband can put things in the oven. No excuses to skip the gym which hasn't seen my fat ass in 2 weeks!

As I was finishing the above paragraph, I just got word that my friends dog died this morning of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Apparently it's going around so for all dog owners out there, please be extra vigilant. They think she may have eaten some discarded food on a walk. Bless her little heart. Positive attitude just took a little blow.

I did bring my copy of The Secret with me to work to read on my lunch break. I half-heartedly read it once but I think I really need to look at it more because I really believe in the laws of attraction. I guess it can't hurt and maybe it will help me get a fabulous job.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and that your weeks are off to a good start!