Autumn in Atlanta

Well after torrential rains and flooding we finally have our first taste of fall here. I feel like the fresh cool air cleans out my head. I think the wind that brought in a cold front yesterday literally blew out all the cobwebs.

A special shout out today to Shelley. Your comment yesterday helped me get out of bed today and exercise. I sometimes think it's weird that I feel accountable to a group of people I don't know but hey, whatever works! Thanks again to everyone who supports me every day. I feel like I know myself so much better for sharing my story and it's really helping me tackle the issues behind my weight problem.

This morning at 5:45 I was putting my shoes on to go on the elliptical and stepped outside for a minute. Once I felt how cool it was outside I decided to go on the dog walk with the husband instead. We had a good 30 minute walk and only allowed 5 minutes of that to be "sniffing around time." The rest of the time we dragged the dogs as fast as we could and got a really good workout in. When I came home I had a cup of coffee and then did a 15 minute workout on the ball. Now I have jiggly legs from squats and wogging and it feels great. I need to not be such a creature of habit and allow myself to mix up my exercise and do what I feel like doing.

I've set a new goal for myself which I haven't done for a while. I'm going to lose 10 more pounds by halloween. I have a trip to Savannah and an anniversary in there so it's going to be a challenge but I'm ready to excavate the 2nd layer of the skinny clothes bin and find some fun things to wear for fall.

Hope everyone is having a great week!