NEWS FLASH - 2nd post of the day!!

I have a job interview on Friday at 11am.
Lets get those good thoughts, prayers, juju, vibes started now shall we?? :) Unfortunately it's up here in the burbs. blech. Maybe if I don't work for a jerk, the commute won't be as bad.

It's one of the top 75 companies to work for in Atlanta and it's small so that adds a level of comfort for me. Because it's small, I'm meeting directly with the president and avoiding the whole HR thing altogether. sweet.

This job is exactly what I do now so the interview will much easier than the last one. I know the industry so well which makes answering questions less nerve wrecking. I have my outfit and the portfolio will only take a little tweaking but I need to figure out what to do about changing clothes. Last interview I changed at my gym but that is nowhere near this interview. Fortunately there's only one other person in the office that day and she isn't the brightest. Creative people don't normally dress up for interviews but they certainly do more than workout clothes or jeans and flip flops like I normally wear to work.

This good news comes on a day where I have $11.14 in my checking account. The $2000 a month paycut has taken its toll and I'm ready to move on!!

This all went down right before I went on my lunch walk. I RAN part of the way I was so pumped up. Now, I'm even more sore but feeling great!!