Thank you Tammy for the comment asking where I've been. I was just thinking this weekend how I need to be more accountable for my blog even when I'm feeling miserable. It's nice to have friends whether they be people you see all the time or my blog friends.

Last week was one of my toughest weeks at work EVER but I managed to throw my best friend her birthday party which was very successful. Saturday and Sunday I spent mostly feeling sorry for myself.

This morning I had a slap in the face that kinda put things in perspective (again). My aunt, my moms sister, the 2nd youngest of 10, took her own life late last night. My mom is okay but it's my grandmother we all worry about. She's deteriorating from Alzheimer's and has to be told what happened every 5 minutes. They are all in Minnesota and everyone who isn't is headed there. My sisters and I won't be going but we will surely be here thinking of everyone there and mourning the loss of our dear aunt.

So that's where I am right now. I wish there was more I could do but I'm a little lost sitting at my desk staring at my screen. I have to interview a freelancer and then may just go to the bar to hang out with my sister for a while and then go home and love on my dogs until hubby comes home. Hug your people. Hug your pets. I need to take my own advice much more often.