Starting over

I thought I was going to start a new blog but after much thought, I decided I'm not going to let Them take this away from me. Why should I stop after over a year just because They don't have a life.

Emotionally, I'm doing a bit better. Financially, not so much. I had to use every last dime I had to buy a new Mac. My old one was awesome. She was 8 years old though and I couldn't install any of the newest software. I'm hoping to find a school in the neighborhood that could use it. I never thought a trip to the Apple would be so painful.

Believe it or not, I haven't gained much weight. Maybe up 3 pounds from my lowest. Suddenly I'm having to figure out how to eat healthy on a budget. Speaking of which, funny little story about my mom. She down from NC about a week after I lost my job. She always brings tons of food for my sister and I like homemade chicken salad, veggies from her garden etc. Instead of wasting room in her cooler using ice, she used 2 giant frozen beef roasts. One for each of us. It still makes me laugh thinking about that and we ate for DAYS! :)

So what's the plan you ask? The plan is to be the person I wanted to be when I was stuck working in an office. I'm going to work out every day and enjoy the fact that it doesn't have to be at 5:45 am or 6:30 pm. I haven't been exercising much and I know I will never feel good again until I do. I'm going to finish up a logo and then lace up my shoes. I can do this.

I'm working on starting my own business doing simple, affordable design focusing on small to medium size businesses. Know anyone that needs a logo? A website? A brochure? Send 'em my way! I'll have a business website up and running soon!

I've missed you all so much. I can't wait to get my work and workout done and read some blogs this afternoon to catch up. It feels great to be back.