40 is the new black

I turned 40 on Tuesday and while I'm nowhere near reaching my goal of having lost 100 pounds by this time, I still feel young, cool and nowhere near my age ;)

My goal for this new chapter in my life is simply to put into practice everything I've learned up to this point. I've gained so much knowledge about myself both personally and professionally. I'm completely out of excuses. I never thought I would say that.

This weekend is going to be freezing and wet and my goal is to go through all my recipes and plan meals for a month. Then it's on to the kitchen cabinets to clean out anything scary that's in there. Even though I do a pretty good job of keeping them neat, if there are 10 year old chocolate chips in there I will find them when I need fix. I've already done the fridge and it looks very bare. Good thing because it will quickly fill up with homemade soup on Sunday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!