Swimming along

<-------See how seriously I'm taking this??? I bought goggles!

I thought I would try the effects on my computer camera to give myself a very x-treme sports look

I tried out my new goggles this morning. I was terrified to go to the gym thinking it was going to be packed so I waited until about 8:30 and much to my surprise, the pool was mostly empty. I have totally rediscovered my love for swimming and have been told by more than one trainer that it's the best thing I can do (especially at first) to burn through some fat.

It hasn't been easy by any means. I was taught to swim really well when I was young so I know the basic strokes etc. but I still felt like a moron amongst the Michael Phelps types. After a few trips though, I've realized that absolutely no one cares what I'm doing! Really! It's very liberating. I've worked my way up to 40 minutes now which is when I feel my breakfast wear off. I had to rush home and have a hard boiled egg which probably means I need to add a little protein to my breakfast which is currently steel cut oats with some raisins and dried fruit. Now I'm sitting down to work and every muscle in my body feels tired but great.

My weigh in day will be Fridays from now on and with absolutely no peeking in between. All it does is frustrate me so I'm simply not going to do it. I'm continuing to focus on what's good for me like eating well and exercising and not the numbers. If I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, the weight will come off as a very pleasant side effect. Have a great week everyone!

For those of you who asked in the last post, Groupon is a group coupon deal based on the city you live in that is sent to your inbox every day. Usually it's for a restaurant gift certificate or services for half off or more. If enough people buy it then then deal is on. I used it for the first time on the produce since that's about the only thing I can justify spending money on but some of the deals really are amazing