this is getting serious

Today was a big deal for me. I'm still having weird hip issues so I decided to finally get fitted for some real running shoes.

I did this once before for the 3-day but it was just someone watching me walk and then me trying on shoes. Today's experience was a high-tech analysis of my run which involved computers and video and treadmills etc.

I was terrified to go in this place. I was sure it would be full of snooty marathon runners but it was totally the opposite. I felt comfortable the second I walked in and they seemed thrilled to have yet another member of their running cult :) I also got some socks so we'll see if this is the magical shoe/sock combo I've been desperate to find for years. I'm almost looking forward to getting out of bed at 5:45 tomorrow to put them on.

Yet another fear conquered and a great excuse to keep it up. My next goal is to run to this place from my house and partake of their "free water for runners" :)