end of challenge weigh in

236 this morning which is no loss in the last 2 weeks but that's 10 total for the challenge. I'm pretty pleased with that! Also, my BMI is down 3%. I haven't seen that move in quite a while!

Right now I'm sick as a dog with a cold I caught at a kids birthday party and just came back from a trip to the doc with a chest x-ray and 3 kinds of meds. I'm not dying so that's good - even though it feels like it!

While I was there I was venting my frustrations about not being able to get below 235 and she decided to check my thyroid (again!) and this time check for insulin resistance. We'll see what happens with that! I've had thyroid symptoms since I was a teenager but it's always come back normal or borderline. I also know that there are different tests that can be done so I'm going to push for that if this latest round doesn't turn anything up.

I haven't had any exercise since Saturday and I strangely miss it. The doc told to wait until I can breathe again so hopefully by Thursday I'll be back at it because I've been making some good progress. I even managed to up my weights a bit in the Body Pump class and do all the squats. I know I will feel even more victorious when I can make it through the 4 minutes of lunges! oy....

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I'm off for some more couch time while it lasts!! :)