Good Morning Moon

I woke up this morning at 5:30 staring at the moon out the window and thinking how crazy it is to be up before the sun. I fought the morning workout thing most of my life and I have to admit that after a month now, I’m getting into the swing of it. There’s an entire world out there I didn’t know existed - a world of healthy people starting the day off right.

On the days my husband goes to his gym at the hospital, I drop him off at the train by 6. He just started the morning routine since his afternoon boot camps at work ended and I think he’s struggling a bit to get used to it. Our routine before consisted of sitting around drinking coffee, watching Today, and easing into the morning. Now it’s rushing to dress, eat something and head out the door. Luckily I have that time AFTER the gym but he has to go straight to work.

As we were driving and observing all the people out walking and running in the neighborhood, it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. I said to my husband “if we want to be like these people, we have to live like them.” I thought that was awfully profound of me at 6am :) I think my husband was a bit surprised as well. I don’t know why but things are finally starting to make sense.

I almost had to stop my workout this morning because of a horrible, stinky woman next to me on the treadmill. I could tell right away when she got on it was bad but then she started moving her arms all around and grooving to her music while running. That was completely intolerable. There were no other treadmills available and so I just put my towel over my mouth and nose. Not even caring at all if she was offended. As soon as I saw another open up I slammed on the stop button and switched. I really hope she got the hint. I did manage a full 30 minutes C25k workout and then added on another 20 minutes of fast walking. Combine that with a 20 minute dog walk in 105 degree heat later and you’ve got 70 minutes of cardio. And I haven’t missed a day this week.<

Tammy’s challenge has been extremely motivating and I’m really glad I finally took one on. I’m going to weigh in on Saturday so stay tuned. I believe we’re going to have some good results!