Monday mix tape

I'm so proud to say I've completed another successful week and am fully prepared for this one that has just begun. I think the motivation I've been blessed with has been coming from being truly honest with myself and listening to my body. I'm feeling GREAT!

Friday night we went out with a friend to a bar that has amazing food of both the healthy and unhealthy varieties. I could have eaten everything but decided to start with munching on steamed edamame because I wasn't sure I had eaten enough vegetables that day. What a great way to fill up a little before ordering! After that, I was completely satisfied by one little chicken parmesean slider (about 3 bites worth) and a caprese salad with local tomatoes. Yes I had 2 beers but had planned on that ALL week! For a brief moment I wanted to stop at Dairy Queen but my husband reminded me we had 4o calorie fudge bars at home.

Saturday I was up and at my Body Pump class by 9:15. I did much better this week than last (which was my first time in 10 years) At least this week I didn't have to come home and take a nap! My soreness only lasted a day or 2 so I will probably up my weights just a tiny bit on the legs next week. My arms were burning just fine though! I have such a long way to go before I'm able to plow through it like I did 10 years ago but I'm really trying hard not to focus on that. Sometimes the realization of starting over hits me like a ton of bricks.

Saturday night we had shrimp and chicken fajitas that I made and brought them to the neighbors to pair with margaritas they had made. I had a few too many chips and and maybe an extra margarita but I felt it was a success for an "outing". Normally we would have gone out for mexican and it would NOT have been lovingly prepared with all healthy ingredients! Even the margaritas were nothing but fresh lime and tequila with no sugary mix.

Sunday morning my husband and I took the dogs out for a 3 miler. I wasn't planning on running but I (being honest with myself again) reminded myself that I was going to be doing a half marathon and that running outside at least some of the time is a necessary part of training. I decided to run on the downhills only but still managed about a mile! My husband usually runs ahead of me because I'm so slow but there's nothing like running toward his smiling face while he's cheering me on...even though I'm sure it's not the prettiest sight in the world. He says it's beautiful to see me running but all I can think about is all the jiggling that's going on - not that I would ever let that stop me. I'm hoping to look back fondly at these times when I'm crossing the finish line in March!

Shortly after that I got to meet Tammy at the farmers market and had a BLAST. She is so sweet and of those people I feel like I've known forever. I had a huge salad with a piece of homemade pita bread and only 1 bite of the pineapple croissants as we passed the bread sampling table. I loaded up with healthy fruit and veggies for the week and even with a pound of tilapia and rotisserie chicken, spent only $33. Fish is being made tonight with mango salsa, roasted brussels sprouts and their corn on the cob which is the best I've ever had. 2 ears of corn were 30 cents!

Sunday night was quiet and relaxing but I was still exhausted when I got up this morning. I could barely stay awake and was debating taking a day off after 6 in a row. My husband said I should listen to my body and do what I thought was best. My body was just saying I was sleepy but not sore really so I went. It wasn't the best workout and I felt like I was all over the place but I did the first day of week 3 of couch to 5k which is 9 minutes of running. I did 45 minutes total on the treadmill and then just threw in the towel. I hear the body pump instructor say it's better to do less than do more with bad form and that's what my problem was this morning. I just didn't have the energy to stand up tall and engage my core. I think some days are just going to be like that. Mondays especially.

That brings me to my question for y'all after this ridiculous long post about not a lot.

How do you handle "days off" from exercise?

I know from previous experience that I need to do 6 days a week but when I take a day off it seems to make me more tired. It's almost like if I don't have that exercise I just can't get going or I feel guilty about it. I know my body needs a break but I thought maybe something like yoga, a leisurely walk or a swim would be good for that seventh day. Or maybe I just take Mondays of altogether and quit obsessing about it. I would love to some thoughts on rest!

Here's to another great week ahead. I'm hoping the scale decides to reward me for some good behavior this week for the challenge now that Tom is almost gone :)