Wow what a week this has been!

Not only did I have an 8 pound loss, today is the 7th day in a row I was in a gym.

Yesterday I survived my first Body Pump class. It was very intimidating because it was at a different Y and I hadn't done it in 10 years but I sucked it up and went. There were several people waiting to get in the room and I sat down next to a really cute skinny girl with an AMAZING butt. I wasn't going to talk to anyone and then I noticed she had a tattoo so I thought she might be "cool". (Don't you love the profiling going on in my head?) I asked her if she came to this class often and I realized right away she was a totally sweet girl. I was able to get the low down on which classes were the most crowded, best instructors etc. I was so thankful for her and I look forward to seeing her next week. I took it really easy on the weight but was already feeling it during the warm up which worried me until I realized everyone else was too! I was truly exhausted when I got home and took a nap which is something I rarely do.

Today was my official rest day but I woke up really sore and quickly realized if I didn't do some moving it was going to get much worse. I couldn't lift my coffee cup to my mouth! There was a very rare breeze blowing this morning so we took the dogs out and just kept going and going. Before we knew it we had done almost 3 miles, including some running. I was absolutely drenched with sweat but I embraced it and had a great time. Then I had the brilliant idea of throwing on my suit and going to jump in the pool at the Y. I did just a few easy laps, some major stretching and ended with a dip in the hot tub. It was a perfect morning with very few people there and totally relaxing.

As I sit here and type this I'm finding it difficult to move my arms. Standing up is even more difficult but at the same time it's the greatest feeling. I know I'm on my way to losing this 100 pounds for the last time.

So, all my blog friends, how do you recover from killer workouts? Any advice would be appreciated because I anticipate feeling like this a lot throughout the rest of my journey. Hope y'all had a great weekend!!