Time to brag on my husband

As you all know already, I have the worlds sweetest, most supportive, Scottish husband in the world. I'm a lucky girl and I won't bore you with all that again ;)

I wanted to take a minute to give him some credit for all the hard work he's done since we started our new exercise routine in January. He has lost 30 pounds and his progress pictures are so amazing I had to share. Did I mention how cute he is too????

My husband knows about my blog but doesn't read it because he says it should remain a personal thing for me. He was really honored though when I asked him if I could post his pictures. He motivates me every single day.

I also hope that he can be some inspiration for anyone who's feeling like they can't do it. He still manages to have fun eating and drinking beer. Just less of everything combined with A LOT more exercise. It really is the winning combination!