Now that my self proclaimed "year of discovery" has come to an end and the "putting it all into action" year has started, I think I've finally narrowed it to what really works for me. That thing is accountability.

I've got that more than covered in the exercise department with my trainer, my yoga instructor who both make me look forward to seeing them AND getting a great workout. I'm still finding it challenging to fit in as much cardio as I need to.

Food wise, I'm back to basics and back to Weight Watchers. I find that having that meeting in the back of my mind keeps me honest all week and damn I love that sticker! I was laughing about the sticker thing with my trainer and she said "girls just like stickers". I'm already spending a small fortune on my adventures in fitness.

Now that I finally get all settled in my new routine, there's a HUGE wrench thrown in. I'm starting a 4 week consulting job. Onsite at the client. Back out in the burbs. For anyone reading who doesn't know, I worked in the suburbs of Atlanta (I live in the city) for 7 years. 50 miles a day round trip. 1 hour each way on a good day, 2 on a bad one. It almost killed me until I started working for myself and was finally able to establish a workout routine.

I'm so excited about this job and I know I will do what it takes to fit it all in. I'm just a little nervous about eating right and exercising while commuting again. Oh and did I mention I'll be up at 5am? I will use my mad planning and organization skillz to make sure I have all my food and workout gear. I'm really hoping they have a kick-ass gym I can use. It's a pretty fancy building and I'll have my badge so fingers crossed. It would be so much easier to workout before sitting in traffic for an hour. The ONLY good thing about the burbs is I can finally use my Costco membership!

So here's to accountability and constant change. I guess that makes my blog slightly more interesting!