Spin Psychle

This morning waaaaaay before dawn, I did the number one most scary thing on my list of things to do....

I took a spin class.

This may not seem like a big deal to some but for whatever reason, I was terrified of it. I could never imagine my big butt lasting one hour on that teeny tiny seat.

I was prepared and had a gel seat cover but the instructor said not to use it if you don't have to and that you should try to get used to the saddle. Well lets just say his butt is nowhere near as large as mine and I begged for it 15 minutes in. It was a little better but still really painful. The rest of it? AWESOME. The music, the speed, the sweat literally dripping all over the bike.

I can see why people love it and I really want to keep doing it so it won't hurt as much. Apparently you DO get used to it!!

The moral of the story? Do something that scares you. Be brave! You won't regret it.