Just got back from a horribly painful visit to the foot doctor. Physically and emotionally.

I've watched many of my blog buddies suffer so much from pain issues and now it's my turn. It's amazing to me how much living with pain (even in a small area) can affect your whole being.

So after the agonizing cortisone shot in my peroneal tendon he said "there's no way you are walking 60 miles". I left in tears and the whole waiting room probably got a little scared of what goes on back there!

I'm so so so so bummed. I've been preparing for this walk for almost a year.

My plan is to walk a few miles each of the days. He said six but I didn't ask if that was per day or total. The rest of the day I'm hoping I can catch a ride with some crew member friends of mine and just cheer people on.  I've ALMOST raised all my money and it still goes to a GREAT cause but I'm an overachiever and this is a big blow.

If this shot doesn't work it's on to surgery. I'm hoping and praying it works so I can get back to my active lifestyle I miss SO much. I've packed on a few pounds again because I can't do much.

As we were leaving the building, we walked right by the gym at the hospital where my husband works so we stopped and added me to his membership. I'll have access to the pool again and I plan on swimming out my frustrations.

I started this blog the day I first started swimming there. So much has happened since and funnily enough, end up back where I started. Later today I have my first session with "the food guru" as I'm calling her. It's going to be really difficult to get through all of this but I haven't lost my at least there's that!