Monday mix tape

Fat on Facebook
 Over the weekend I came of the blog closet and shared my blog with all 287 Facebook friends. I promised myself I would once I hit 600 followers and that happened thanks to this lovely young lady! Thank you for being the kick in the ass I needed to put it all out there. I got a really nice email from Worlds Nicest Ex-Boyfriend encouraging me to keep 'living out loud'. I also got a few other messages that were so full of love and encouragement that I got all verklempt (I never pass up a chance to use my favorite yiddish word)

 Margaritas? Also not considered a liquid!

And so it begins. I'm easing my way into my pre-op liquid diet a week ahead of time by doing juices and protein shakes during the day and then having something sensible for dinner. Because of that I felt I DESERVED a Vitamix! Actually I've been saving my money, gift cards and Blood Bath and Beyond (funniest store name ever on the Simpsons) coupons. Of course someone like me (some say obsessive, I say neat) would never buy a $500 blender without rearranging my entire kitchen to accommodate it so I haven't even used it yet because I just went to the farmers market for stuff to put in it.

If you had ever told me in my twenties that I would own a $500 blender and a $500 vacuum cleaner I'd have laughed myself silly.
 Luckily we have the best juice store on the planet and it's a minute from my house. This one is new and I'm THRILLED because it has no cucumber in it. Most of their juices do and it's all I can taste. I just hate cucumbers. Always have. It's a shame because they are a good non-carbohydrate vehicle for hummus. I'm going to try to replicate this one in my Vitamix.
That was lunch and it was DEEEEELISH! There's kale in it but didn't taste like dirt at all!

Over the holidays I did TWO projects that I pinned on Pinterest. One of them was a New Years Eve gift to our best friends and neighbors-we each of us got a simple mason jar (I made it a little more fancy) to be filled with things we are grateful for throughout the year. I thought it would be fun to look through all of our jars next New Years Eve. I tend to rattle off all the bad things that happen to me in a day or a week or a year. This is a way to keep me aware of how awesome my life is.
I already have 2 things in there. One was a love note my husband left on my pillow AFTER he made the bed with clean sheets! See how lucky I am????

The Last Supper 
One of things I'm trying really hard to avoid is the urge to eat everything on the planet since my days of eating like "normal" are numbered. I've been working out constantly (anyone want to go to spin at 6am tomorrow?) and I feel like I'm really doing well here in the early stages of my divorce with food. I've decided to have "The Last Supper" instead of dragging this out over multiple days. We're going for ONE decadent night of food and drinks. Rathbun's Steak for dinner and for drinks, Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium. Everyone asks why I want to go to a dive bar and a fancy restaurant on the same night but it's MY night and it's also because they have this painting (and kick ass sangria!)
I hope this isn't offensive to anyone - it's not to me and I'm a good Catholic. I just love art of all kinds and find it very apropos.
The crazy decadent meals with the multiple courses and bottles and bottles of wine will be greatly missed in my life but will be totally worth it.