The last day

Today is a hard day. It always will be. More than the actual day. Today is the day I want to cherish and never let go. Tomorrow is the day that changed everything forever. The one I want to forget.

I’ve told the story before - how it was a crazy fun weekend and we passed out in the guest room on that Saturday night. The next day, this day 3 years ago, it was simply a great day. I woke up before dawn to hike stone mountain with my friends. He told me I was crazy and went back to sleep. We met up after for some brunch and a trip to REI to buy him his first REAL bicycle commuter backpack . We randomly ran into our dear friend Stephanie in the store and had a few laughs and then carried on with our day.

I will never forget that fucking backpack. (Sorry mom) The paramedics cut it off of him the next day. It probably made it 2 miles before he died.

This was his last Facebook post and I’m glad I went to find it because I finally took the time to read all the messages that were left - the ones that were too painful to read at the time. The great stories and pictures have eased the pain a little today because he was SO loved and SO special. More than most and that’s not just me being biased.


Live every day like it’s your last. Love everyone like it’s their last. Cherish it all.