Big goals and a big job (s)

Hello world! I cannot believe we are already 8 weeks into Honolulu marathon training. It always feels SO FAR in the future when you register for a marathon lol. We’ve had really great runs for the most part but a couple of really bad ones too. The heat has not let up all summer and we’ve been struggling to start early enough to be able to finish before the sun hits - like a brick wall. Technically it’s good for us to be training in the heat because it will be hot and humid in Hawaii, but even just a little break will be welcome. So far no sign of that!

When I hit the half marathon part of full training it’s really weird because it makes me realize that I’ll be doing that, and much more, every weekend, until DECEMBER!!

Tomorrow we do 14 miles which is David’s longest run yet. I love to celebrate new miles and we are as prepared as we can be. Look for us out there on the mean streets of the ATL. If you see us, please wave (or give us mimosas!)

Want to hear some really cool news?????????????

I’ve been chosen as one of 9 people to be a StART representative for the Olympic marathon trials coming to Atlanta in February. This stands for Strategic Athlete Response Team and I have a list of 57 amazing women athletes who I’m in charge of communicating with through the event. ME. Former fat ME! This is a huge honor and a big job and I’m already LOVING it. I’m looking up all the people on my list (except SHALANE!!!! because I already know who she is!) and just being even more inspired by their stories. Some have struggled with weight. Some have had great comebacks from injury. Several were pregnant when they qualified. Everyone is so unique and so utterly bad ASS. Not to mention really nice. Their response has been truly surprising. Almost human lol. And the nice things they have to say about the Atlanta Track Club gives me the confidence that we can pull this off and show them how awesome “Running City USA” is!!

Sorry only qualifiers get my email lol

Sorry only qualifiers get my email lol

As if that weren’t amazing enough, I’m OFFICIALLY pacing my first race next saturday as the back of the pack. Again, I can’t believe I was picked for such a high honor and I’m going to give it my all. The cutoff time is 3:30 and I’ll be celebrating with the party in the back when we cross that finish line together!

THEN I found out I got picked for the Thanksgiving Half as well. Same deal. Party in the back. I’m nervous about being responsible for everyone hitting their goal but I have a lot of experts to learn from and I’m really looking forward to giving it a shot.

So yeah, this whole post was about running but I’m still doing my yoga and my weights and spin but it gets harder and harder to fit it in as the mileage goes up. But, that’s how marathoners are born!