Slowing down

I was all set to post today with a big ol' rant about how I constantly go off track and sabotage myself, being sick to death of making time to exercise and constantly questioning everything I eat, drink, smoke, do and not do. I have not been doing very well and my body and my mind were seriously making me aware of that.

But then...then there was new patio furniture.

So what does that have to do with anything you ask? I swear I'll get to that. My across the street neighbors are moving to Mumbai and as I was going out to the car yesterday to get my gym bag (that was not used all week) two doors down neighbor came over and said "across the street neighbors want to borrow your pressure washer and in return you can have their entire wicker patio set." Before my husband knew what hit him, I asked him to grab the pressure washer and come with me. I didn't even have time to explain and 10 minutes later we had a $800 set of 2 chairs, sofa and coffee table. 20 minutes later I had it all set up and the 2 old rocking chairs at the curb.

Before this furniture arrived in my life we had the two old rocking chairs and a table and chair set on the deck. It was nice but not comortable for sitting at for a long time. Suddenly we had a real "room" outside and I can't say I've ever had such a relaxing, enjoyable afternoon on my deck. The husband went away with a friend for a couple hours to our local pub and I just sat in the stillness. Both dogs were asleep in the sun and I spent some time taking in just how amazing my life is and I need to spend a hell of a lot more time being grateful for what I have. We spend so much time working on the house and the yard and rarely take the time to just enjoy the beauty of what we've accomplished. It used to be pine straw and baskeball hoop out there and with little money and a ton of elbow grease we've turned it into a paradise.

I spent all day Saturday clearing out brush and raking the back yard. I worked so hard my hair was soaked through. I'm just so happy I took those few hours on Sunday to really enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Speaking of "fruits of my labor" I picked my first lettuce that I GREW. It was only a handful or so but I made my co-worker a tiny salad with some homemade balsamic dressing someone in our neighborhood makes. Tonight I'm going to have a BLT with the little bit that's left.

I saw a story on the news this weekend about an organization called Slow Down London that are on a week long mission to try to slow down Londoners. They were marching through the streets VERY slowly and enjoying the sights. I thought it was an interesting concept if only to make people aware of how quickly we move through every day.

I don't know how but I have to fit in this down time more. As always, it comes back to this working out in the morning thing that I've heard people do ;)

p.s. I tried Chobani 0% greek yogurt this morning and it was awful. It was liquidy and way too sweet. I was being lazy and not wanting to do my Trader Joes greek with fresh berries. Won't be making that mistake again!