Flat Friday

It's really been a rather blah week. I haven't been doing well with my eating but I haven't been terrible either. I think it's that I'm staying in my points range but not eating really healthy. I just haven't been inspired in the kitchen at all. I have a weekends worth of Cooking Light and Eating Well to get through so hopefully I will be inspired some. It's going to be difficult because we're on a budget this week since the Amex bill came for my husbands emergency plane ticket to Scotland. Oh well at least that's done and paid and it's not like it was in college where I had to take out the back seat of my car to look for change!

I was inspired by Kath over at Kath Eats Real Food to start getting up early. Check it out. She's got some really great tips on ways to make it easier. I feel like such a lazy ass when my husband gets up before dawn to walk the dogs and I sleep an extra 40 minutes. I don't know how I can even sleep with all the guilt.

That being said, I'm looking in to joining a 2nd gym for the weekends AND for Bodypump classes. We pay for the gym at my husbands work but it's only $35 a month for the both of us. I would still use the hospital gym for my water aerobics class. There's a beautiful Y around the corner from our house but it doesn't have Bodypump. There's another one close by that has it but it's a bit of a drive. There's a local gym close by that has it but it's a pretty basic gym for the same price as the Y. The Y even has wellness coaches now that are free. Bodypump is one of the things that I KNOW I did when I lost 100lbs before. To me it's the perfect way to lift weights. Not boring, visible results and cardio too. Lets hope I can afford it and find one that works.

Could I really go to a 6am Bodypump class? That Girl would totally go.