Happy Halloween!

Well it was almost impossible to get these guys to sit still for some pictures but I did the best I could. All pictures of them are blurry because they are always on the move! Still, they look adorable and the neighborhood dogs all have matching bandannas as well.

I have such a doughnut craving today. Luckily I have none! I haven't even eaten all the Halloween candy this year. I usually end up having to buy more at the last minute because I ate it all. For some reason I'm just not that in to it this year. I also tried to buy stuff I didn't like that much but seriously, there's not much out there I don't like. I think I'm really starting to see some changes in myself as far as my attitude towards food. I don't have to eat it all just because. What a concept!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween. I will be voting in hopes that everyone will be out with their kids and not in my line : )