A day for CHANGE

I can't believe how ridiculously excited I am for this election today. I've never cared about politics before but I can attribute my interest to various things like getting older, owning a house, planning for retirement etc. All these reasons aside, I think Obama is the most exciting thing to happen to American politics in a very long time. This country is long overdue for someone like him.

The neighborhood where I live has an apartment community that used to be the 3rd worst housing project in the country. The average age of the grandmother was 33. The entire community was turned around by the East Lake Foundation which was funded by one man's wealth. It was an incredible transformation and our golf club now hosts the final leg of the PGA tour every year. The best is that the people who lived there were allowed to come back after it was rebuilt. Soon after a nice supermarket was built and restaurants and bars started opening in abandoned buildings. We continue to see the transformation which is nice but the soul of the neighborhood is still there. The good part that is. The drugs and crime are still there but slowly disappearing.

I feel like it is a privelage to live in this neighborhood. Our street is a mix of all kinds. Generations of African Americans who have lived in the same houses since they were built in the 40s mixed with the white middle class who love living in a part of the city that feels like a small town.

Part of me wants Obama to win not only because of my political views, but for the generations of African Americans who have fought through slavery and discrimination to see this become a reality. I hope that day is today.

If today is that day, I will be parading up and down the street with free drinks for everyone : )

P.S. even if you don't agree with my views, please vote today!!