exercising the willpower muscle

I think I've mentioned before that I've been asking my friends questions about what I did when I lost 100 pounds before. For some reason I have no memory of what I ate (did I eat anything really?) or what I did. I just know that one day I woke up in a size 10.

One of the recurring themes of my answers from my friends is willpower. They say they've never known anyone with more willpower than me during that time. My sister reminded me we would go out after clubs to Waffle House and while everyone had piles of greasy food, I had dry toast. I don't remember ever feeling deprived either. It's just what I had to do...like going to work.

These days I feel like I have none of that left. It's like a muscle I haven't used in a while. It hurts to use it at first but maybe if i exercise it more it will become part of my everyday motions. I practiced this last night and after a bit of struggle it worked. I had one sensible and planned snack and a glass of milk after dinner and that's where it ended. I went to bed very proud of myself for exercising control over my food all day and I woke up a pound lighter.

I'm going to quit being a big fat baby and get this willpower muscle back into shape!