Gray Fay Day

It has been raining in Atlanta for 4 days straight. We needed the rain so much but it's bringing me down! I've been eating too much, my boss has been awful and now there's another hurricane in the Gulf just before my trip. I think I really need some time away. I'm not usually an angry person but you wouldn't have wanted to cross my path the last few days!

I've been afraid to step on the scale and I probably won't again until after the trip. Not that I'm planning on eating my way across Florida but I thought I'd get some goals down here before we go so I can look at them when I get back.

1. Do 2 solid weeks of Phase 1 of South Beach to get cravings back in check. We do pretty well with healthy eating but refined sugar and processed things are slipping back in.
2. Meal plan and grocery shop on Saturday. Prep for the week on Sunday.
3. Gym at least 3 days - preferably 4.

Oh and now my coworker has just come down to announce the dog they bred is pregnant. Sorry to any people who buy dogs from breeders or are breeders but it hurts my heart when people feel the need to "make" a dog when there are thousands and thousands with no home. Arrrrrrgh. My mutts will kick your show dogs ass : )