Short week.

What is it about an upcoming vacation that makes me feel like I can throw my whole routine out the window? Sure I'm busy getting things together and getting my hair and nails done etc. but since Friday I've been in vacation mode and putting anything and everything in my mouth. If anything I should be working extra hard since I'll be in Florida wearing a bathing suit the whole time! The negative side of my brain is working overtime saying I'm going to look like a beached whale anyway regardless of what I eat the week before.

This weekend was a blur. Friday I went to the grocery store to get a few things and ended up with wings, potato chips, and sweet tea (oh and milk duds!). I was actually embarrassed about what was in my cart but I bought it all anyway. I was watching cute girls in workout clothes buy laundry detergent and water or whatever and was envious that they didn't have a cart full of crap they were about to eat. Why I didn't put it all back I'll never know.

Saturday was mexican food and mojitos and last night was pizza. Today I have no lunch packed and find myself dreaming of fast food for lunch. That's how it all starts. One bad meal and all my cravings come back full force. Needless to say I didn't go near the scale today.

To make matters worse, we have tropical storm fay pounding down on us today which will have the pool closed for sure. I didn't even pack my bag for the gym. It's probably for the best since I have brand new highlights which probably need to stay away from the chlorine for a day or 2.

My number one goal after we get back from vacation is to add the Friday night water aerobics class to my schedule even though it sucks to get home at 8:00 on a Friday. That should keep me busy and even force me to do some extra cardio since I will have an hour to wait before class starts. I think I eat badly when I don't have anything else to do.

I'm will be good to myself this week even though I have a million excuses not to. We don't leave until Friday so I have a few days to feel my best. I already feel accountable to this blog which is helping and now that I wrote it all down I can move on.