Hey, Hot Wing Lady where you been?

I thought I'd start with title today because on Friday I stopped at Publix after work to buy some sugar free coffee mate and some dog bones. As I was walking through the dairy section, one of the usual deli workers saw me and said just that.

When did I become the hot wing lady? I guess when you've been buying wings every friday night for a couple years you earn that title and because we live in the 'hood they have THE BEST wings in town which makes them irresistible. For the last 2 months we haven't had any wings at all. I'm sure we ate so many of them that wing sales have dropped drastically : )

I had a great weekend. Gained no weight despite lots of red wine and a Saturday night Indian food extravaganza. The folk art festival was amazing and I bought 2 pieces and stayed $5 under my $100 budget. I will post some pictures of them tomorrow once my camera battery is recharged.

Tonight is back to water aerobics. I'm going to go Monday, Wed, and Friday this week. I miss it over the weekend so I might even start going on Saturdays. My husband goes with me on the weekend which is fun. He lifts weights and swims laps but it's fun even though we aren't together the whole time. Once again this is the only time in my life I've ever been looking forward to going back to the gym each week!

Crazy week of work ahead so I must get to it.