Attitude Adjustment

Today I weigh more than I ever have in my life. 260 pounds. I did well again for a few weeks and then vacation and visitors threw me off in a big, bad way. I have my period so it's probably about 5lbs. more than I actually weigh but regardless we are starting there.

That's all I'm going to say about that because I've been working on an attitude adjustment this weekend and I already feel better for it. Reading blogs has helped me get to this place. As much as I feel for other people who struggle as much as I do, I find comfort in knowing I'm not the only one. I'm 5 feet tall and I can't carry this around anymore. I'm tired of having nothing to wear, and I'm tired of feeling tired.

Today my husband and I start 2 weeks on phase one of South Beach. As I've stated before it's the only way for us to get rid of cravings and rid ourselves of processed foods.

Attitude Adjustment Weekend consisted of cleaning our house top to bottom (which is no easy task) and including a massive cleaning of the fridge. I planned all our meals, went on a big trip to the grocery store, made a huge pot of chili, mini quiches with ham, cheese and eggbeaters, packaged up cottage cheese for every day etc. etc. We should want for nothing this week. I AM READY!

I ALMOST talked myself out of starting today because I'm traveling to Nashville for work tomorrow and staying overnight. Normally I would be excited to sit in my hotel room and eat candy or chocolate or potato chips (or all of those together) after having gone out for a great meal. I have to push through things like this because they are going to happen and I have to remember I can eat healthy on the road. Luckily my 90 pound co-worker eats nothing but veggies and fish so it's easy to stay on track. I told her I would like to go to J Alexanders for dinner and get a huge pile of vegetables and either fish or chicken. We'll also start the trip with a veggie burger salad from the World Peace Cafe. I've already got some snacks for the road (and my hotel room) ready to go. The hotel has a pool and a workout room so I will bring my stuff. Since we gain an hour on central time it's never as hard to get up early there.

I'm hoping to go to my water aerobics class tonight but I may have to work late while a friend comes by to do some network work for us. I feel like I really need to go and I'm sure everyone is wondering If I'm still alive. No worries everyone. I've been busy gaining 10lbs!