where is my mojo?

It never ceases to amaze me how one little detour from my routine can cause me to be lost for weeks. I of course went on vacation only to come back to 5 days of visitors from Wales that needed to be entertained which led to the whole of this week eating crap because I had no time to grocery shop and cook for the week. It's a lame excuse but it somehow allows me to justify going to drive-thrus for lunch and do takeout for dinner. I have a freezer full of things to eat but because I didn't plan anything I don't even know what I could make out of what's in there...not to mention it's all frozen.

From all of my recent blog reading I've discovered that many people suffer from this "all or nothing" attitude. When you really think about it, it's a ridiculous and destructive way of thinking. It would be like if you got a cut on your arm and thought "well I've ruined that so I might as well cut my arm off".

I guess the first step is being aware of it and trying to change that behavior.

I know why I feel down. It's because of my eating lately, lack of exercise, and feeling disgusted with my body. But what do I do? Continue to sit and watch TV and eat crap. My knees hurt, my back hurts, my job has been tough because I haven't been in creative mode at all but I continue to feed this all with more comforting food and sleep.

We were supposed to start phase 1 on Monday but that is being pushed to next Monday now for the simple fact that I need a whole day to get us ready for it. I will make a big pot of chili and some mini quiches and whatever else lies in the depths of the freezer.

I imagine I will feel better immediately and I'm really looking forward to it.