Day 5- finally it's Friday!

253.8 today! I've started adding a little fruit back in to my day and right now I'm munching one of the greatest, newest things at Trader Joes - sliced granny smith apples with all natural peanut butter in a little pack together. They also have red apples with a little container of low-fat vanilla yogurt. I heart Trader Joes!

The weekend is always a challenge for us. We are out of our routine and we like to be social and drink beer and much while watching movies etc. The plan is to eat in moderation but really kick up the exercise on the weekend especially with the beautiful weather we're having right now. We can walk and hike with the dogs and have a blast while still getting our exercise in. I would be happy to just get through the weekends maintaining the loss from the week.

I feel like my attitude adjustment is really working!

Have a good weekend everyone in blog land!