Fat and Happy?

257 -again. I ate chinese food last night and I'm hoping most of that is sodium.

I'm having trouble finding the balance between enjoying my life and worrying about my weight.

I was talking to my husband this morning about how I feel like both of us constantly worrying about it has taken some of the joy out of our lives. We are generally very happy people and an even happier couple. We never fight and we do everything together. Since we got married and have put on weight it's like we have this black cloud hanging over us every Monday morning as we face the scale after the weekend.

While I'm fully aware that "food is fuel, not fun" we are social people and our weekends revolve around food and drink. We are learning to eat really healthy all week and then enjoy things in moderation during the weekend. It's just so freaking hard.

Okay enough complaining. Under the laws of my new attitude, we must quit whining and solve the problem. We are going to find fun things to do together that don't revolve around food and drink. This Saturday, I will pack a healthy picnic lunch and we will take the dogs to walk the trail at Stone Mountain now that we have our yearly parking pass. Hopefully we can make a habit of doing things like this especially while the weather is gorgeous.

I did manage to get groceries and plan meals for the week. My gym bag is packed for my water aerobics class tonight. Here's to a good week!