Have y'all seen Ruby yet? I finally caught the first episode and have the new one saved to watch sometime this week. This woman totally won me over in the first 10 minutes. She was all could think about all night. She was in my dreams and she was the first thing I thought about when I woke up. Eww, I sound like a stalker but it's not like that I swear!

I think what struck me about her is she's just so normal. She's sweet, funny, and has an amazing support system of friends and family who love her just as she is but know that she has to lose weight or she won't be alive much longer. She wants to lose the weight not just for looks but to able to do the things she wants to do. I guess I could say she's like me.

Thanks to Ruby I'm inspired to have a good week ahead. I even cooked all day yesterday to make it easier. I made a delicious pot roast with vegetables in the crock pot which we will have leftover of tonight, pasta sauce with ground turkey, egg salad for lunch, packaged up cottage cheese and peaches etc.

I find that once all these things are done I have less of excuse to skip my water aerobics class. It's going to be a very cold week here which is already going to make it difficult to go but I need to remember sweet Ruby who got in the pool despite being so large she had to wear a dress in the water. She just laughed about it being pinned together between her legs like a baby onesie. Bless her heart and may we all share her strength to become the active, healthy people we are on the inside.