Feeling better already

I've only been working out again for 2 days and it's amazing how much better I feel already. Getting up the first day was hard but today was already easier. Not only does exercise burn calories but it regulates my body. I sleep better and therefore it's easier to get up and therefore it gives me the time to work out and therefore gives me energy to make lunches and get through my day. I handle stress better and am generally happier. Why I ever stop I will never know. It takes only a day or 2 to get lazy again and I'm not going to let that happen this time.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning followed by another delicious plate of scrambled egg and Canadian bacon. I'm having a yogurt right now and will have a big salad for lunch (that I had the energy to make because I worked out!) Tonight's dinner is pork chops and broccolini which I have never made.

Luckily I'm not traveling this week like I thought I was however next Friday I'm leaving for Florida to hang out with some girlfriends and then attend a conference in Orlando. For the first time ever, I have checked out the workout facilities and all the hotels and plan on exercising every day I'm away just like I would here. The food will be a little more difficult but I will be prepared!

One last thing, If you haven't been watching Ruby then by all means do. The last 2 episodes have brought me to tears out of happiness for her and her successes. I'm really pulling for her and she is inspiring me. Plus, I just love me some funny southern girls : )