Not giving in

I feel like I've been getting a cold for a few days now but I'm not going to give in! I've had my extra vitamins and even a tiny glass of orange juice. It did keep me off the elliptical this morning but I'm doing water aerobics tonight so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I did get up at my new early time even though I decided to skip the morning workout. I HAVE to stay on the new schedule.

Last night I walked the dogs with the husband because he went to the gym and we got home at the same time. He's usually home an hour before me and already had them out. It was a warm, windy night but I felt better than I had in a long time. I felt stronger and a little less winded. I had done my workout in the morning so I managed a full hour of exercise yesterday.

I'm doing great so far this week with exercise every day and no real problems with cravings. I've been keeping myself full of protein, veggies and water and even managing to eat breakfast. I had some of the frozen steel cut oats from Trader Joes this morning and they were absolutely divine! I know I can make my own but sometimes it's nice to eat a perfect bowl. I'm still perfecting my cooking method. (speaking of TJ's they have added a few new varieties of low fat cheeses to their selection including provolone and muenster for you cheese freaks out there)

I'm excited for lunch because I have assembled what I hope to be a good substitute for my favorite sandwich on earth which is a Tuna Mushroom Melt from a deli chain in town. I had been eating this for YEARS thinking it was healthy (because it comes on a Pita) and kept going back and searching for nutrition info. Finally I emailed them and asked for the nutrition info on their tuna. Thank God I did because it probably would have killed me eventually since I managed not to die of shock from the data. Get this: 815 calories and 70 grams of fat. That's just for the tuna and doesn't include the cheese. Basically for my version I just made the tuna as I always have with some low fat mayo, stuffed it in half of a whole wheat pita with a half slice of low fat provolone and some raw mushrooms. I will microwave it for a few seconds just like they do and I'm sure it will be just as good. I thought I would take a picture of it but it doesn't really look all that exciting.

Tonights dinner is mahi-mahi and soycutash. That's succotash with edamame instead of limas. Yum! I hope the fish is okay in the oven because the grill ran out of propane on Sunday and I won't be able to do anything about it until the weekend.

Long may this motivation continue!