Diving back in - again!

I finally made it back to my water aerobics class after a months absence. It's just been too cold to be in the water but it seems to be warming up enough so that it's bearable. As usual, all my friends were happy to see me which is a great reason to keep going.

It was my favorite instructor who really explains what you're supposed to be feeling and I made a point to push myself extra hard. I'm really sore today but in a good way of course! I wore my heart rate monitor and I got it up just as high as if I was on the elliptical. I need to figure out how the calories burned works out in the water. Apparently it's a bit different.

My husband was so excited he made a great dinner last night since I don't get home until 8 from my class. He's perfected our turkey pasta sauce and I had a double portion after the huge workout. Trader Joes has their whole wheat pasta with flax now for 49¢ and we eat that at least once a week. 6 grams of fiber in a serving of that and it's delicious. He even made a double batch of sauce so we can freeze it for next week. He even asked me to teach him more meals so that he can have dinner ready when I get home. How sweet is that? I'm so lucky for all the support I have from him. He's been strutting his stuff around the house because he's lost 11 pounds! More importantly I taught him to do his BMI on the scale and he's down 1% in just a week or so. I feel proud when I feed us well and apparently he does too. It's working well for both of us.

Better get my (sore) butt in gear for a busy day!