A love story for Valentines Day

Almost 6 years ago (and many pounds ago) I was newly dumped by my live in boyfriend and starting over. I was feeling pretty good about myself physically and even did my first 3-Day 2 weeks later. I had a new puppy, a new place and a new job. But I was so empty. I had loved several people up to this point but no-one ever returned the love that was given.

My boss was crazy. Literally. I had to take a Xanax in my car at lunch a few times a week. She was just never satisfied. She even made me put a box to check off next to each thing on my to-do list. I'm a crosser-offer, not a checker. But I did what I was told. Finally we hired a copywriter who not only made the office bearable, but changed my entire life.

Copywriter was from Scotland and one day we got to talking about music etc. and he said "you know, I have a friend who's recently divorced and he's coming to visit in a few months. I should introduce you. You two are so much alike." Later on that day an email came through titled 'Intro-duc-shun'

This guy was amazing. We sent emails back and forth for a few days. Then started on the instant message which then progressed to phone calls. I was starting to realize I was crazy about this guy I had never even met in person. Sure we exchanged pictures. I had even sent one of what I look like on a Saturday just so he wouldn't get the idea I was always gorgeous :) I think we were both feeling like there was something between us but neither one of us could fathom that. One day he just said it and after a moments silence I finally said "I feel the same".

There were still a couple months to go before he was going to come to visit until one day crazy biatch boss scheduled a meeting with me stating that there was no need to prepare anything. I knew I was getting fired. And I was THRILLED.

There I was 34 years old, single and unemployed. I knew this was a huge turning point in my life and if I didn't find out if this long distance romance? was real then there was no way I could start a new job. So, a few hours later, I had a pint of ice cream and a buddy pass on Delta for a flight to Manchester.

I called sweet Scottish guy right when I got home and told him I was unemployed. He said he was sorry and I said "I'm not because I'm coming to Scotland".

Sure I was slightly nervous and of course I had a backup plan. I probably would have never been brave enough to do that if my friend at work hadn't known his whole family etc. At least it wasn't some random guy from a chat room I was meeting 5,000 miles from home. I had never even been out of the country.

I ended up not getting on the flight to Manchester but I got one to London. I figured as long as I was on his continent, we could get to each other. I called him from the airport in London and told him to meet me in the train station in Edinburgh 5 hours later. I still wasn't really nervous. I just felt like it was meant to be.

As my train finally made the painstakingly slow stop in Edinburgh, I saw him. He was right there at the door where my car stopped. Like he knew where I was in the train. In the most romantic train station, in the most romantic city, in a country I've never been to.

The doors opened and that was it for both of us. We knew after our first kiss that we would be together forever. We were engaged 3 days later, "commuted" for a year and a half, and were married 4 years ago in North Carolina. The logistics of importing a husband are a little crazy but totally worth it :)

I have never loved anyone so much or been so loved. I'm still sad on Monday's when we have to leave each other to go to work. Thinking about the hard times when we were apart still makes my stomach hurt. I'm the luckiest girl in the world and I'm so glad I waited for the one.

Happy Valenties day everyone!