Newly motivated

I feel about a million times better after some good fresh air and sunshine yesterday. I always forget that January is my worst month of the year and that I need not beat myself up about it. I've felt more alive since the daffodils started blooming and before long, it will be light outside when I get home from work.

Valentines day was so fun. We went for Indian food and then to Dairy Queen. I figured since I had a whole day of yard work planned for Sunday I could afford it. Other couples we saw out didn't seem to be having nearly as much fun as us. There were several people who were nasty to the sweet Indian waiter who was just doing his best on a busy Valentines day Saturday night. What do people expect when they are out on the busiest night of the year for restaurants? I don't understand why they even bother going out if they are miserable. Oh well, it gave me much needed motivation to not be such a whiner :)

I'm considering joining Weight Watchers again but this time trying the meeting and the online tools instead of just the online part. It seems the the people who have the most success are people that go to to the meetings. I also think I need some more accountability for my weigh ins. On the other hand, part of me thinks that logging food at Spark People is just as good and it's free.

Thoughts anyone?

In the mean time I'm going to log my food here while I figure it out.
Breakfast: 0% Greek yogurt with a handful of berries
Lunch: Homemade chili with extra veggies.
Dinner: Mahi and Soycotash
Dessert: Jello SF pudding
Snacks: Lowfat cheese stick, Fiber One bar